The Four Wizards

Death of Evil
with death of evil comes a new legacy

Having acquired the help of Asha, the size morphing Pegasus, the Adroit Sophists continued to Isoba’s mountaintop fortress. After an epic battle and brush with death, the Adroit Sophists managed to vanquish Isoba and clear the land of Coria of evil. The great adventurers returned to their HQ in Barteus as Heroes, and ushered in a new peace that lasted for years…. two years.

Golrim's Tomb
"...don't tell me, more traps?"

The Adroit Sophists enter the Tomb, located in the side of one of the Soreb Mountains. The dark tomb is filled with many traps and riddles.
The Adventures encounter Gelatinous Cubes for the first time. They also end up fighting a wall, each other, and a gravity-defying chamber. Navigating their way through a hall of chains, a magical duplicating room (where they are attacked by versions of themselves), a room with Flame Jets, Electric Tiles, a room with life-sized Chess, a room with a destructive clock, they finaly reach a sarcophagus room containing the body of the great wizard Golrim. Golrim, it seems, did not magically extend his life, but chose to die in his secluded tomb. This put a significant bump in the Sophists plans, which included reuniting the Legendary Four, who would be powerful enough to destroy Isoba.

Receiving a message from Eruaistaniel, the party rushes back to Miel. In a strange shack, the Adroit Sophists are reunited with the three remaining members of the Legendary Wizards. The Wizards reveal their plan, now that Golriim cannot contribute his knowledge of of the earth. They give their own lives in order to create a staff with the sole intent of weakening Isoba, and returning his mortality. This staff will weaken Isoba continually, bringing The Adroit Sophists to an even playing field with him.The Wizards combined magic will prevent Isoba from warping to different planes to escape the Sophists. The magical staff’s blast will also slow Isoba, and prevent him from morphing into the form of a flying creature. The magical powers do not end here, they simply have not been revealed yet. Eruaistaniel provides Asha, her Pegasus, as transport to Isoba’s Mountaintop Fortress.

The Return to Hilgred
"where did he go?"

Leaving Barteus, the Sophists travel back toward Hilgred, Having found all their ingredients for Valendra’s Brews. Traveling though Albina, the Sophists meet Marich Tao. Welcoming the heroes back, Marich gives them her old maps of Coria. Marich also introduces her husband and healer, Teimor. Offering his future services as an experienced Healer, Teimor wishes the party luck. Leaving Albina, they make a detour to Poisson. Ja Camerot pays the Sophists to take a gift to the Duke of Hilgred,Saim Boodler.

Finally arriving in Hilgred, the party dicovers that someone torched Valley Jewels, leaving Perula Higgels out of a business. They decide to check on Simril while they are in town. When they reach his residence it explodes. In the reckage, they find a disfigured Simril. Simril then suspiciously leaves them. They later discover that it was indead Isoba in disguise. Dropping Poisson’s gift off at the duke’s residence, the Sophists are invited to a great feast.

The Feast:
The Celebration is lively. When the guests are mingling, The Adventures are able to question the Duke about Golrim, the last of Legendary Four to be discovered. The Duke reveals that he only knows of Golrim’s Tower, and would be unable to assist them further. As the last guests arrive, the Duke leaps onto the stage. Giving the opening speech the Duke explains the Celebration as the five years anniversary of Hilgred joined the Order of the Bartean Realm. After the speech, the feast begins. The Duke sits at the end of the table, a servant pours wine for everyone, large platters of meat are revealed on the table. As all hosts should, the Duke takes the first bite of the meat, and first drink of wine. After he finishes he stands up, and raises his glass in a toast, To the continued prosperity of Hilgred, and to our fine guests, and citizens of Hilgred! The duke downs his glass, in an instant, the duke falls, landing on the table. Dead.

Unable to aid in finding the duke’s assassin, the sophists head to their only clue: Golrim’s Tower.

Golrim’s Tower:
Looking the same as the first visit, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Examining the inside, they discover a hidden stair, leading to a hidden study. Walking down the stairs into the tattered study, They find that it has been undisturbed for a while, the smell of must sits in the air. There are a multitude of dusty tomes on the shelves of the great bookcase, and on the desk there appears to be a fresh sheet of paper. The paper is a letter from Golrim, magically Enchanted:

“To my great old friends, I know now that I was not meant to be one of the magnificent four. My jealousy and anger overtook me when I cursed Simril. […] Now I will travel to my tomb, and isolate myself from the world. Do not try and find me, as I plan to remain in my Tomb forever. Having wrote this, I hope you have all received my communication papers. I will no longer be using mine…

Continuing South, the party travels to Miel, where they attempt to find more information on Golrim’s Tomb. In Miel, they meet a young Elf woman. She agrees to show them the way to Golrim’s Tomb. After the long journey South East, they arrive in the Soreb Mountains. Arriving at the Tomb Entrance, the young elf reveals herself as Eruaistaniel. She tells them to continue into Golrim’s tomb. The powerful Magic was designed to prevent Golrim’s former friends from entering.

The King's Men
Not them again!

Exiting the Veil, the Adroit Sophists feel the warm of the salty sea air. Looking around, in the dim light of dawn They recognize the familiar faces of the Lanthion Crew. Anlow brings the ship out of its port-side turn. The Lanthion sails on toward Barteus.

Falling to the deck in pain, the party is hit with the memory of many strange events. Kasheek by Riciendo. These events seem to have occurred while IN the Veil. Feeling as if shards of his soul were torn away while passing through The Veil, Riciendo huddles in the back of the ship.

After hours of monotonous sailing, the great shores of the Lanic Peninsula and the Broad Coast come in view. On approach to Barteus, The ring of fog obscuring the city lifts, revealing ominous columns of smoke rising from the city.

Ringing the harbor in a haphazard blockade, are the Port of Bart constable vessels. Approaching the blockade, a Port of Bart vessel pulls alongside the Lanthion. A man calls to Anlow: “The City is Under Attack!”. The Port Authority informs them that all transport vessels are to be loaded with women and children. Ships are ordered to dump their cargo and load civilians. The Bartean Port is frantic with crews attempting to ready their vessels.

The Sophists rush off the docks, to discover what is attacking the city. Fighting their way though the crowds of fleeing civilians, they find themselves at the Silver Flask. Terra explains the situation: “The city is being attacked, a guard ran in this morning and called for everyone to evacuate the city. It sounds like a full-fledged invasion force. Only an hour ago did they start launching things into the city. The west market was hit, and started burning. I implore you to find out what army is attacking! They say the city walls are impenetrable, yet they ask us to leave for our safety.”

The Sophists set out to the North Western Command Post. Finding the Command, they Party learns that The Hilgred Army is attacking the City. The Commander sends them to inform the King, and to get permission to send out troops.

The Sophist soon find themselves speaking to King Tyfurr. The King decides that the Sophists will be the ones to sneak out and infiltrate the Hilgred Ranks. Outfitted in Hilgred Attire, they sneak out hidden side entrance. Sneaking around the Hilgred Army, the Sophists sneak to the command tent. In the tent they find the delusional and drunk Commander, Polt Hannet. Crazed Polt attacks the party before negotiations can begin. Defeating Polt, the Sophists order the Hilgred Troops to stand down and return to Hilgred.

Returning in triumph to the city, The Adroit Sophists report to the king. King Tyfurr, surprised at their cunning and skill, awards them the title and reputation as “The King’s Men”.

Through The Veil
To another world...

Whilre preparing for their return trip (to Barteus)aboard the Lanthion , a mysterious man gave them a scrying orb, with the cryptic words "Deliver this to Elebereth “. After receiving the box, they passed through ”/campaign/the-four-wizards/wikis/the-veil" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Veil. But upon touching the veil they were knocked unconscious. Awaking, they found themselves on another ship traveling north on the Dion Strip.

The mysterious ship, The Shining Dawn, is captained by Davenford .
The Adroit Sophists adventure though Dion , in the hopes of delivering the orb and arriving at a port with a ship headed to Coria.

List of events:

  • Enter Veil
  • Adroit Sophists find themselves on the Shining Dawn
  • Things Happen (Kasheek by Riciendo)
  • The Party looses their memory
  • Adroit Sophists continue back to Barteus, having to complete skill challenges to regain their memories of the adventure in The Veil.
Korokov's Temple
The Great Wizard of Water Revealed

The Adroit Sophists hooked up with Captain Anlow on the Lanthion and sailed to the Veil. Conveniently Captain Anlow’s Father had taught him the secrets of The Veil, and how to navigate the seas.

After accelerating to a specific speed and angling the ship at he veil, Anlow was able to enter a pocket in The Veil. Shortly after entering the Pocket, a flaming ship filled with darkspawns and horrid creature of the like, shot into the pocket and attacked the Lanthion.

The Adroit Sophists fought to save the ship, while Anlow fought to keep the ship in it’s turn toward The Veil. After sucessfully navigating The Veil and fighting off the Darkspawn ship, Anlow brought the ship to a small rock island.

The Island held the Temple of Korokov. On approach to the temple the adventurers encountered Black Willow Moss, which they fought then collected for Valendra. After passing though great Tori Gates, engraved with the symbol for water, the Players entered the temple doors.

After discovering a mutated dragon, dead in the entry, the players immediately split up. Carric discovered a magical freezer through a side door. While Mikal and Riciendo explored flooded tunnels. Sil and Zelgius also had their dicoveries while exploring rooms with an enchanted table, enchanted trap symbol, and a fake Bullywug.

Mikal and Riciendo were attacked by hording Bullywugs, Carric was attacked by Ice Bats, Zelgius was Immobilized by a trap symbol, and Sil was caught by an exploding Bullywug trap, then nearly imprisoned by a magical comfortable armchair.

After finally reuniting the party drank mysterious liquid from the enchanted table, with no-questions-asked. Sil drank without even considering the chance that it was dangerous, upon which he began throwing up, and taking sludge damage.

The Party continued, the temple now appeared to be more of a home. They met the illusion that was the house keeper. And even met Korokov’s glowing body, and asked him five questions. The party left Korokov and traveled into his ‘fun house’ which was a series of water traps that finally lead the Adroit Sophists to Treasures, Korokov, and more Loot.

The Story So Far
Well I guess you missed out

The Story began with a ripe band of adventurers waking up, to find their caravan had been ambushed and destroyed. They lost their short term memories of the events leading up to their assault. Lost in a forest, the injured group traveled north across the plains, encountering a Sphinx along the way. The group arrived in the town of Miel, where they learned of the recent Kobold Attacks in the area. After investigation, the party sought out and destroyed the evil Kobolds, and their mage leader. The group split up and went their separate ways, except for a bard named Mikal, and druid shifter named Sil, and a half-elf ranger named Carric.

In the following days, Mikal took accustom to playing music on his lute at the local tavern. One day a fight broke out that united the three with another member, a Goliath named Zelgius. This fight also got the party recognized in their bravery and skill. The group is offered a delivery job, by a mysterious woman, known only as “V”. She simply asks that the group travel north and rendezvous with her assistant Isoba. Isoba would then lead the party to the city of Hilgred were they would make the final delivery. Desperate for money and action, the group decides to stick together as an adventuring party and accept the offer. On the way north, the party fights a massive fiery black (like lava) creature. Later, the party finds a man, delirious and confused on the forest path. He introduces himself as Riciendo, the Paladin of Pelor. They meet Isoba, and allow Riciendo to accompany them to Hilgred.

The party saves some interesting bakery assistances along the path, and make good friends with the paladin Riciendo. In Hilgred, The party makes their delivery to an old elf named Simril, and find out that a temple of a famous wizard was broken into near Hilgred. The Adventuring Party, now considering a name, investigate the temple and meet Lorian. He vaguely explains the Legendary Four Wizards and the evils of the DarkSpawn Army. He bids the party good bye, and vanishes.

The Adventuring Party, now set on the name Adroit Sophists return to Hilgred to incorporate. Using a rough map from Lorian, the newly formed “Adroit Sophists” set out to find the temple of the water wizard, Korokov. On their way, the party rescues Isoba and the East Hilgred Guards from Darkspawns, detours in Poisson, meets a man and his dog Klondike, saves a village ( Albina) from Darkspawns, and continues toward the port of Barteus.

In Barteus the party meets Karia Corsair (a young thieves guild member) and her mother Terra Corsair, who owns a tavern “The Siver Flask”. Terra tells the Adroit Sophists of her old friend Captain Anlow, and suggests they ask him for help locating Korokov’s Temple, which was believed to be an island.

After discovering the great mystery of the Four Wizards (pictured in the banner; Golrim, Lorian, Eruaistaniel, and Korokov), the adventurers set out to uncover the tombs and temples of the four in hopes of reuniting the wizards and saving the land.


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