The Four Wizards

Korokov's Temple

The Great Wizard of Water Revealed

The Adroit Sophists hooked up with Captain Anlow on the Lanthion and sailed to the Veil. Conveniently Captain Anlow’s Father had taught him the secrets of The Veil, and how to navigate the seas.

After accelerating to a specific speed and angling the ship at he veil, Anlow was able to enter a pocket in The Veil. Shortly after entering the Pocket, a flaming ship filled with darkspawns and horrid creature of the like, shot into the pocket and attacked the Lanthion.

The Adroit Sophists fought to save the ship, while Anlow fought to keep the ship in it’s turn toward The Veil. After sucessfully navigating The Veil and fighting off the Darkspawn ship, Anlow brought the ship to a small rock island.

The Island held the Temple of Korokov. On approach to the temple the adventurers encountered Black Willow Moss, which they fought then collected for Valendra. After passing though great Tori Gates, engraved with the symbol for water, the Players entered the temple doors.

After discovering a mutated dragon, dead in the entry, the players immediately split up. Carric discovered a magical freezer through a side door. While Mikal and Riciendo explored flooded tunnels. Sil and Zelgius also had their dicoveries while exploring rooms with an enchanted table, enchanted trap symbol, and a fake Bullywug.

Mikal and Riciendo were attacked by hording Bullywugs, Carric was attacked by Ice Bats, Zelgius was Immobilized by a trap symbol, and Sil was caught by an exploding Bullywug trap, then nearly imprisoned by a magical comfortable armchair.

After finally reuniting the party drank mysterious liquid from the enchanted table, with no-questions-asked. Sil drank without even considering the chance that it was dangerous, upon which he began throwing up, and taking sludge damage.

The Party continued, the temple now appeared to be more of a home. They met the illusion that was the house keeper. And even met Korokov’s glowing body, and asked him five questions. The party left Korokov and traveled into his ‘fun house’ which was a series of water traps that finally lead the Adroit Sophists to Treasures, Korokov, and more Loot.


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