The Four Wizards

The King's Men

Not them again!

Exiting the Veil, the Adroit Sophists feel the warm of the salty sea air. Looking around, in the dim light of dawn They recognize the familiar faces of the Lanthion Crew. Anlow brings the ship out of its port-side turn. The Lanthion sails on toward Barteus.

Falling to the deck in pain, the party is hit with the memory of many strange events. Kasheek by Riciendo. These events seem to have occurred while IN the Veil. Feeling as if shards of his soul were torn away while passing through The Veil, Riciendo huddles in the back of the ship.

After hours of monotonous sailing, the great shores of the Lanic Peninsula and the Broad Coast come in view. On approach to Barteus, The ring of fog obscuring the city lifts, revealing ominous columns of smoke rising from the city.

Ringing the harbor in a haphazard blockade, are the Port of Bart constable vessels. Approaching the blockade, a Port of Bart vessel pulls alongside the Lanthion. A man calls to Anlow: “The City is Under Attack!”. The Port Authority informs them that all transport vessels are to be loaded with women and children. Ships are ordered to dump their cargo and load civilians. The Bartean Port is frantic with crews attempting to ready their vessels.

The Sophists rush off the docks, to discover what is attacking the city. Fighting their way though the crowds of fleeing civilians, they find themselves at the Silver Flask. Terra explains the situation: “The city is being attacked, a guard ran in this morning and called for everyone to evacuate the city. It sounds like a full-fledged invasion force. Only an hour ago did they start launching things into the city. The west market was hit, and started burning. I implore you to find out what army is attacking! They say the city walls are impenetrable, yet they ask us to leave for our safety.”

The Sophists set out to the North Western Command Post. Finding the Command, they Party learns that The Hilgred Army is attacking the City. The Commander sends them to inform the King, and to get permission to send out troops.

The Sophist soon find themselves speaking to King Tyfurr. The King decides that the Sophists will be the ones to sneak out and infiltrate the Hilgred Ranks. Outfitted in Hilgred Attire, they sneak out hidden side entrance. Sneaking around the Hilgred Army, the Sophists sneak to the command tent. In the tent they find the delusional and drunk Commander, Polt Hannet. Crazed Polt attacks the party before negotiations can begin. Defeating Polt, the Sophists order the Hilgred Troops to stand down and return to Hilgred.

Returning in triumph to the city, The Adroit Sophists report to the king. King Tyfurr, surprised at their cunning and skill, awards them the title and reputation as “The King’s Men”.


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