The Four Wizards

The Story So Far

Well I guess you missed out

The Story began with a ripe band of adventurers waking up, to find their caravan had been ambushed and destroyed. They lost their short term memories of the events leading up to their assault. Lost in a forest, the injured group traveled north across the plains, encountering a Sphinx along the way. The group arrived in the town of Miel, where they learned of the recent Kobold Attacks in the area. After investigation, the party sought out and destroyed the evil Kobolds, and their mage leader. The group split up and went their separate ways, except for a bard named Mikal, and druid shifter named Sil, and a half-elf ranger named Carric.

In the following days, Mikal took accustom to playing music on his lute at the local tavern. One day a fight broke out that united the three with another member, a Goliath named Zelgius. This fight also got the party recognized in their bravery and skill. The group is offered a delivery job, by a mysterious woman, known only as “V”. She simply asks that the group travel north and rendezvous with her assistant Isoba. Isoba would then lead the party to the city of Hilgred were they would make the final delivery. Desperate for money and action, the group decides to stick together as an adventuring party and accept the offer. On the way north, the party fights a massive fiery black (like lava) creature. Later, the party finds a man, delirious and confused on the forest path. He introduces himself as Riciendo, the Paladin of Pelor. They meet Isoba, and allow Riciendo to accompany them to Hilgred.

The party saves some interesting bakery assistances along the path, and make good friends with the paladin Riciendo. In Hilgred, The party makes their delivery to an old elf named Simril, and find out that a temple of a famous wizard was broken into near Hilgred. The Adventuring Party, now considering a name, investigate the temple and meet Lorian. He vaguely explains the Legendary Four Wizards and the evils of the DarkSpawn Army. He bids the party good bye, and vanishes.

The Adventuring Party, now set on the name Adroit Sophists return to Hilgred to incorporate. Using a rough map from Lorian, the newly formed “Adroit Sophists” set out to find the temple of the water wizard, Korokov. On their way, the party rescues Isoba and the East Hilgred Guards from Darkspawns, detours in Poisson, meets a man and his dog Klondike, saves a village ( Albina) from Darkspawns, and continues toward the port of Barteus.

In Barteus the party meets Karia Corsair (a young thieves guild member) and her mother Terra Corsair, who owns a tavern “The Siver Flask”. Terra tells the Adroit Sophists of her old friend Captain Anlow, and suggests they ask him for help locating Korokov’s Temple, which was believed to be an island.

After discovering the great mystery of the Four Wizards (pictured in the banner; Golrim, Lorian, Eruaistaniel, and Korokov), the adventurers set out to uncover the tombs and temples of the four in hopes of reuniting the wizards and saving the land.


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