The Four Wizards

Through The Veil

To another world...

Whilre preparing for their return trip (to Barteus)aboard the Lanthion , a mysterious man gave them a scrying orb, with the cryptic words "Deliver this to Elebereth “. After receiving the box, they passed through ”/campaign/the-four-wizards/wikis/the-veil" class=“wiki-page-link”> The Veil. But upon touching the veil they were knocked unconscious. Awaking, they found themselves on another ship traveling north on the Dion Strip.

The mysterious ship, The Shining Dawn, is captained by Davenford .
The Adroit Sophists adventure though Dion , in the hopes of delivering the orb and arriving at a port with a ship headed to Coria.

List of events:

  • Enter Veil
  • Adroit Sophists find themselves on the Shining Dawn
  • Things Happen (Kasheek by Riciendo)
  • The Party looses their memory
  • Adroit Sophists continue back to Barteus, having to complete skill challenges to regain their memories of the adventure in The Veil.


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