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  • Lorian's Temple

    Lorian's Temple was visited by [[The Darkspawn Army| Darkspawns]] and the [[Adroit Sophists]]. [[:lorian | Lorian]] is the wizard of light, and member of the [[legendary four]]. This is the first place where the Adroit Sophists officially executed [[ …

  • Golrim's Tower

    Golrim's tower was once the great watch tower of the wizard [[:golrim | Golrim]]. Located just north of Miel and south of Hilgred, Golrim's tower was a perfect lookout for the wizard.

  • Lorian

    Lorian: An old elf of great knowledge. The Legendary Four Wizards of Coria Wizard of Light Race: Elf Current Location: unknown Status: Supposed Dead Alignment: Good Additional Info:

  • Korokov

    Korokov: A mysterious Eladrin of great knowledge. The Legendary Four Wizards of Coria. Glowing transparent form is only contact. Even the supposed ‘real’ Korokov was somewhat transparent and glowing. Wizard of Water Race: Eladrin Current Location …

  • Eruaistaniel

    Eruaistaniel: An Elf Wizard. The Legendary Four Wizards of Coria Wizard of Light Race: Elf Current Location: unknown Status: Supposed Alive Alignment: Good Additional Info:

  • Golrim

    Golrim: A human wizard, long dead by reports. The Legendary Four Wizards of Coria Wizard of Earth Race: Human Current Location: unknown Status: Reported Dead Alignment: Good Additional Info:

  • Isoba

    Isoba: --A travelling Mage-- The evil leader of the [[Darkspawn Army]]. Has been altered to appear lizard-like man, aprx 5’6” 120lbs. Clearly defined jaw bones give away his fate to share the appearance of a snake. His skin, although or tan color, has …

  • Valendra Zolerii

    An Eladrin Bakery Owner of Valendra’s Bakery and Hilgred Herbology. Race: Eladrin Current Location: Valendra’s Bakery, Hilgred Status: Awaiting Ingredients for 3 special concoctions Alignment: Good Additional Info: Dislikes Goliaths

  • Simril

    Although frail, Simril is young for an elf. The Curse that has been placed upon him, threatens to age him rapidly, unless constantly suppressed or cured. Kind at heart, Simril can seen deceptive if his expressions are read incorrectly.

  • Hearst Lumbarter

    Hearst is a short and stocky Human who loves to joke around with his buyers. After traveling to a new city month after month, Hearst has decided to stay put in Hilgred.

  • Agaro Ramcrown

    Agaro Ramcrown, owner of the Leaking Barrel tavern in Hilgred. Ramcrown is one of the few Darf shop owners in Hilgred. Very Hospitable and won't deny a good drink to anyone.

  • Perula Higgels

    Perula is the owner of "Valley Jewels", and has been ever since her husband passed. Perula is very thin for a Female Halfling of her age. Stuffy about her prices, but never passes up a deal to complete a collection.

  • Saim Boodler

    The Duke of Hilgred. Race: Human Current Location: Hilgred Castle Status: Ruling Hilgred Alignment: Good Additional Info:

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