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  • The King's Men

    Exiting the Veil, the Adroit Sophists feel the warm of the salty sea air. Looking around, in the dim light of dawn They recognize the familiar faces of the Lanthion Crew. Anlow brings the ship out of its port-side turn. The Lanthion sails on toward …

  • Through The Veil

    Whilre preparing for their return trip (to [[Barteus | Barteus]])aboard the Lanthion , a mysterious man gave them a scrying orb, with the cryptic words "Deliver this to "Elebereth":http://www.obsidianportal.com/campaigns/kasheek/characters/elbereth ". …

  • Barteus

    Barteus is a large Port on the easter shore of Coria. Barteus is a Ruling City-State in Coria.

  • Captain Anlow

    Captain of the _Lanthion_. Anlow runs a high-risk, high-reward transport business. Anlow ensures his cargo arrives on time and intact, no matter the risk. According to Barteus Port Authorities, Anlow charges a very modest rate for most of his business. …

  • Karia Corsair

    Karia is a rebellious and spunky teenage daughter of Terra Corsair. Karia has short brown hair and surprisingly green eyes. Karia seems like an open-minded peoson, and she is friendly to everyone.

  • Terra Corsair

    Terra Corsair is one of the friendliest Tavern owners you could meet (Unless she thinks you are a treat to her daughter, Karia). Terra is about 40 years of age, with long dark brown hair and green eyes. He daughter Karia shares the same green eyes and …

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