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  • Poisson

    Poisson is a small village on the Hiddden Coast. The [[Adroit Sophists]] stopped here to gather information. While helping a local wizard, the Adroit Sophists again executed [[The Plan | The Plan]].

  • Ja Camerot

    Ja Camerot is the strange mayor of Poisson. Although he claims to be born in Albina to the south, his accent does not aid his claim. (best comparison I can make: French person speaking English). It is true that the people of Poisson have strange …

  • Klondike

    Garris Greyroot's Faithful companion. Klondike is a German Sheppard-Golden Retriever mix. Klondike is the smartest dog you will ever meet. Klondike has a innate sense of people's motives. Being a large breed, Klondike can provide great protection while on …

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