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The Four Wizards

Long ago, four great wizards brought peace to the land of Coria. Now after more than 200 years, a new threat to the world has emerged; The DarkSpawn Army. Only five great adventurers can reunite the Legendary Four to save Coria once again.

After discovering the great mystery of the Four Wizards, the adventurers set out to uncover the tombs and temples of the four in hopes of reuniting the wizards and saving the land. (The great treasures of the temples also helps)

With only vague knowledge, the Adroit Sophists set out to find the temples and riches.

Places- List of places that have been visited, or will be visited.

The Plan- A Unique Patent-Pending Adventuring Plan

The Veil- The mysterious World Divider

Misc Info – Somewhat random info about our campaign and group

Main Page

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