The Four Wizards, a world where the great adventurers of the past are reborn. The land of Coria has been peaceful for the last 200 years. Now, evils once suppressed by the legendary wizards, arise again. Soft from years of peace, the great city states are vulnerable to attack. With the great Wizards gone, a new group of adventurers, determined to bring stability and peace back to the region, rise up to defeat evil. The Great are reborn in the Adroit Sophists.

This Adroit Sophists Adenvture takes place in the land of Coria in the world of The Fourth Plane.
The Party travels throughout The Fourth Plane in search of riches, powers, and answers. With each game-session, our group, playing as the Adroit Sophists, finds answers to mysteries, while bringing up new and more complex questions. The Adroit Sophists are currently on a mission to locate the tombs of the Legendary Four. We typically meets once a week (and have a whole lot of fun when we do).

Misc Info- Somewhat random info on our Campaign

Note: This being our first campaign on Obsidian Portal, we will attempt to update it regularly. I hope to make Obsidian Portal our new campaign home, instead of my old notebook.
UPDATE: Due to a variety of reasons and events, our campaign was suspended until recently. The campaign will continue until August 15, 2011. The Completion of the Major Quest no longer warrants the name “Four Wizards”; however, for simplicity sake we will keep this OP campaign until we retire the campaign.

With that, Farewell.

Super_Bowser, The Adroit Sophists DM

The Four Wizards

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