The Four Wizards

Golrim's Tomb

"...don't tell me, more traps?"

The Adroit Sophists enter the Tomb, located in the side of one of the Soreb Mountains. The dark tomb is filled with many traps and riddles.
The Adventures encounter Gelatinous Cubes for the first time. They also end up fighting a wall, each other, and a gravity-defying chamber. Navigating their way through a hall of chains, a magical duplicating room (where they are attacked by versions of themselves), a room with Flame Jets, Electric Tiles, a room with life-sized Chess, a room with a destructive clock, they finaly reach a sarcophagus room containing the body of the great wizard Golrim. Golrim, it seems, did not magically extend his life, but chose to die in his secluded tomb. This put a significant bump in the Sophists plans, which included reuniting the Legendary Four, who would be powerful enough to destroy Isoba.

Receiving a message from Eruaistaniel, the party rushes back to Miel. In a strange shack, the Adroit Sophists are reunited with the three remaining members of the Legendary Wizards. The Wizards reveal their plan, now that Golriim cannot contribute his knowledge of of the earth. They give their own lives in order to create a staff with the sole intent of weakening Isoba, and returning his mortality. This staff will weaken Isoba continually, bringing The Adroit Sophists to an even playing field with him.The Wizards combined magic will prevent Isoba from warping to different planes to escape the Sophists. The magical staff’s blast will also slow Isoba, and prevent him from morphing into the form of a flying creature. The magical powers do not end here, they simply have not been revealed yet. Eruaistaniel provides Asha, her Pegasus, as transport to Isoba’s Mountaintop Fortress.


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