The Four Wizards

The Return to Hilgred

"where did he go?"

Leaving Barteus, the Sophists travel back toward Hilgred, Having found all their ingredients for Valendra’s Brews. Traveling though Albina, the Sophists meet Marich Tao. Welcoming the heroes back, Marich gives them her old maps of Coria. Marich also introduces her husband and healer, Teimor. Offering his future services as an experienced Healer, Teimor wishes the party luck. Leaving Albina, they make a detour to Poisson. Ja Camerot pays the Sophists to take a gift to the Duke of Hilgred,Saim Boodler.

Finally arriving in Hilgred, the party dicovers that someone torched Valley Jewels, leaving Perula Higgels out of a business. They decide to check on Simril while they are in town. When they reach his residence it explodes. In the reckage, they find a disfigured Simril. Simril then suspiciously leaves them. They later discover that it was indead Isoba in disguise. Dropping Poisson’s gift off at the duke’s residence, the Sophists are invited to a great feast.

The Feast:
The Celebration is lively. When the guests are mingling, The Adventures are able to question the Duke about Golrim, the last of Legendary Four to be discovered. The Duke reveals that he only knows of Golrim’s Tower, and would be unable to assist them further. As the last guests arrive, the Duke leaps onto the stage. Giving the opening speech the Duke explains the Celebration as the five years anniversary of Hilgred joined the Order of the Bartean Realm. After the speech, the feast begins. The Duke sits at the end of the table, a servant pours wine for everyone, large platters of meat are revealed on the table. As all hosts should, the Duke takes the first bite of the meat, and first drink of wine. After he finishes he stands up, and raises his glass in a toast, To the continued prosperity of Hilgred, and to our fine guests, and citizens of Hilgred! The duke downs his glass, in an instant, the duke falls, landing on the table. Dead.

Unable to aid in finding the duke’s assassin, the sophists head to their only clue: Golrim’s Tower.

Golrim’s Tower:
Looking the same as the first visit, nothing seems out of the ordinary. Examining the inside, they discover a hidden stair, leading to a hidden study. Walking down the stairs into the tattered study, They find that it has been undisturbed for a while, the smell of must sits in the air. There are a multitude of dusty tomes on the shelves of the great bookcase, and on the desk there appears to be a fresh sheet of paper. The paper is a letter from Golrim, magically Enchanted:

“To my great old friends, I know now that I was not meant to be one of the magnificent four. My jealousy and anger overtook me when I cursed Simril. […] Now I will travel to my tomb, and isolate myself from the world. Do not try and find me, as I plan to remain in my Tomb forever. Having wrote this, I hope you have all received my communication papers. I will no longer be using mine…

Continuing South, the party travels to Miel, where they attempt to find more information on Golrim’s Tomb. In Miel, they meet a young Elf woman. She agrees to show them the way to Golrim’s Tomb. After the long journey South East, they arrive in the Soreb Mountains. Arriving at the Tomb Entrance, the young elf reveals herself as Eruaistaniel. She tells them to continue into Golrim’s tomb. The powerful Magic was designed to prevent Golrim’s former friends from entering.


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