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Our Group, Campaign, and DM style

Our group likes to switch off DMing every month, or even every few sessions. This is refreshing for the players and for myself (as the usual DM). The DM’s worlds are held together by ‘the Veil’ concept. The Veil is a great way to allow characters to pass into another DM’s Domain without major inconsistencies. The Veil can also account for inexplicable time changes and the loss of party members (whomever is the new DM).

The Four Wizards Campaign/story line was is (currently) played alternately with The Coming of Kasheek . In ‘Coria time’ the Coming of Kasheek occurs in a blink of an eye, as the Adroit Sophists pass through the Veil. In real time, the campaigns are intermixed, playing one for a few sessions then switching back to the other. This is accomplished by having the Sophists loose their memory as they pass though back into ‘Coria time’. This keeps it interesting for the players, so they don’t have to switch off with a higher level and lower level character. The Sophists can gain back their memory (experience points and powers) by completing Skill Challenges in The Four Wizards. This allows them to gain levels, powers, and xp at the same time in both campaign worlds.

Switching DMs is really fun if you can find a way to keep things consistent. I hope you do get a chance to try it out, it’s a great way to keep players and DMs on their toes. Each DM does things a little different, It really adds to the diversity of the campaign/adventure/storyline.

The Four Wizards main campaign is run by Super_Bowser.
p. The Coming of Kasheek campaign is DM’d by Riciendo.

A patent pending joke plan

‘The Adroit Sophists Plan’ is a fun take on adventuring. I originally came up with the idea as a joke when I noticed that my players tended to split up at almost every scenario. They are great team players and like working together, but they always end up splitting. Everyone gets pulled by different things, which typically leads to the party splitting up to search every crevice and every room. After sharing this with my players, they loved the idea, and decided to “patent” their unique adventuring plan.

Impromptu DM’ing

Our group is new to D&D, with my campaign being their first. My players got interested in DM’ing after we played some “impromptu DM” sessions. Basically I fell behind in my campaign prep, still wanting to play, my group decided that we would work together to DM a one-shot session. We set a timer for 30 minutes, and we just switched off DM when the timer went off (after finishing any encounter). Nobody knew the whole story, each DM just continued where the last left off, made up their story as we went. The best part is when the last DM comes up with a final battle, or resolution that connects back with the first DMs story.

I would recommend trying it with your players if you think they would be up for it. That was the Gateway DM session that got most of my players interested in DMing. Sometimes once a month my group will get together and play an impromptu game. It works great for days when you are missing some of your players, or even your DM.


Misc Info

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